Welcome to the compendium of the project on “Improving Capacities to Fight Human Trafficking in Lebanon”
This Compendium is developed in the context of the project on “Improving Capacities to Fight Human Trafficking in Lebanon”.
The project is implemented by the Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity (ACRLI), with a funding provided by the United States Government.
The project aims to strengthen the capacity of the judiciary body to enforce and improve the application of the Lebanese Anti-Trafficking Law (Law no 164/2011).
The Compendium on human trafficking takes stocks of the main related legal texts, court decisions, best practices and other useful resources. It describes regional and international instruments that relate to human anti- trafficking, such as international and regional conventions, international and regional indicators, reports, principles and studies.
The purpose of this compendium is to promote and raise awareness to combat human trafficking crime. It serves as a useful informative tool and technical reference for the concerned stakeholders to fight human trafficking as well as to support and strengthen the application of the anti-trafficking laws.
The compendium also plays a positive role to reach out the victims and potential victims in order to increase their knowledge and understanding of the crime, of their rights, and the means of assistance and protection.


Funding provided by the
United States Government.
 In cooperation with Migration Services for Development (MSD)