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Encyclopedia of Arab Legislations and Regulations
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ACRLI Presentation

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ACRLI Rule of Law Annual Award 2018 – Honoring the “Person of the year” serving the Rule of Law and good governance
ACRLI is launching a new initiative in the Arab countries aiming to provide a “Rule of Law Annual Award”, on the occasion of honoring one or more of Arab Personalities as the "Person of the Year", which reflects his performance, demeanor and commitment to the principles of the rule of law and good governance, both in public and private sectors. The “Rule of Law Annual Award” is to provide a scholarship for one-year academic master of laws (LLM) programs or PHD for a qualified applicant from the Arab countries, focusing on the rule of law and good governance to study at selected Arabic or European or American Universities. The chosen “Person of the Year” for 2018 is the former Prime Minister of Lebanon Dr. Salim Al-Hoss. The honoring ceremony will be held on 12/12/2018. More information on this event will be published successively.