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Encyclopedia of Arab Legislations and Regulations
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Project on “Improving Juvenile Justice and Advancing the Human Rights of Adolescents” (October 2019- December 2019)
In partnership with the Heartland Alliance International, ACRLI is participating in implementing this project on “Improving Juvenile Justice and Advancing the Human Rights of Adolescents”, to strengthen the legal representation and build the capacity of attorneys, local non-government organizations and judicial officials to respond to human rights violations against children and adolescents in the region.
In this context, ACRLI will develop training manuals for lawyers and social services providers to protect the Juvenile who are in conflict with the law, conduct TOTs and provide Arabic resources including child-friendly laws, religious advisory opinions/Fatwas, curricula on teaching juvenile justice at universities, guidelines on juvenile justice for training lawyers, manuals to train lawyers on improving their services to children who are in conflict with the law in Lebanon or any neighboring countries in the region.

- List of Resources (Juvenile Justice Center)

- List of Resources (ACRLI)

-Training manual for Social Workers’ in English

-Training manual for lawyers’ in English