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Encyclopedia of Arab Legislations and Regulations
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ACRLI’s participation at the World Justice Forum 2022
ACRLI, as a member of the World Justice project network, is participating at the World Justice Forum 2022 to launch its new projects "The Constitutional Justice Platform for the MENA Region" and "National Legal Corpus." Dr. Wassim Harb, ACRLI's General Supervisor, will present these two projects.
The Constitutional Justice Platform contributes to improve the performance of the Arab constitutional court members by promoting the constitutional culture and raising awareness on best practices to improve constitutional justice reform. It will establish a communication network with European constitutional courts and councils. This stimulates continuous dialogue between constitutional judges, ordinary judges, experts and professors of constitutional law from Arab and European countries to exchange experiences and expertise.
The National Legal Corpus entails creating a legal e-government networking add-on solution that collects all of the currently scattered legal data of various governmental bodies, such as legal texts, court judgments, and advisory opinions issued by public institutions, into a single source and automatically links them to one another, with the goal of becoming an open legal source accessible online by users.
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