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  About Us - Introduction
The Compendium is a web-based application developed in the context of the MENA  Commercial Law Strengthening (CLS) Project implemented by the Arab Center for the Rule of Law and Integrity, with the support of the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).

The MENA CLS Compendium is web-based in Arabic and English, and includes commercial laws, regulations, court judgments, doctrines and other legal resources.

It also includes information and resources on business advocacy and international best practices, among other useful tools for commercial law practitioners in the region.

The MENA CLS compendium facilitates and expedites access of lawyers, businesspersons to commercial legal information and enhances overall knowledge and use of commercial law. It is also very helpful for policy makers and government practitioners, who often find difficulties accessing legal material and related resources.


The overall goal of the MENA CLS Project is the Capacity to understand complex commercial laws and regulations improved within the business and legal communities in the MENA region, and the second objective is the Private sector participation in commercial law policy making increased.


All activities, events and news related to the MENA CLS Project will regularly be inputted in the MENA CLS Compendium.


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