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LebanonLaw issued on 08/12/2006 on the Protection of National Production
LebanonLaw no. 706 of December 9, 2005 on Collective Investment Schemes in Securities and Other Financial Instruments
LebanonLaw no. 659 issued on 04/02/2005 on Consumer protection
LebanonBudget Law no. 583 dated 23/04/2004 (Amendment of Value Added Tax law)
LebanonLaw no. 575 issued on February 11, 2004 on The Establishment of Islamic Banks in Lebanon
Lebanonlaw no 479 dated 30/01/2003 (Amendment of Value Added Tax Law)
LebanonLaw no. 379 issued on 14/12/2001on Value Added Tax
LebanonLaw 347 of August 6, 2001 Regulating the Money Changer Profession in Lebanon
LebanonLaw no. 318 issued on 20/04/2001 on Fighting money laundering
Lebanon Patent Law no.240 issued on 07/08/2000



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