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Other ResourcesRegional Economic Outlook: Middle East and Central Asia, May 2009
Other ResourcesModel Provisions for Common Law Legal Systems on Money-Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Preventive Measures and the Proceeds of Crime, April 2009
Other ResourcesGuidelines for Examination in the European Patent Office (status April 2009)
Other ResourcesWorld Economic Outlook, April 2009
Other ResourcesDoing Business 2009 - Comparing Regulation in 181 Economics
Other ResourcesCertification and Marks in Europe, A Study commissioned by EFTA, January 2008
Other ResourcesGlobal and Regional Approches To Trade and Finance, December 2007
Other ResourcesModel Law on Competition - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 2007
Other ResourcesUNCTAD GUIDEBOOK on Competition Systems - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 2007
Other ResourcesDispute Settlement: International Commercial Arbitration (5.2 The Arbitration Agreement) 2006



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