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Jeddah Economic Forum – 10th session in February 2010
Jeddah Economic Forum – 10th session in February 2010 Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Message It is once again my great pleasure to be able to serve as the host of the Jeddah Economic Forum in particular in light of the fact that the forum will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2010. The JEF has reached an unparalleled status in the short time of its existence and has in the past attracted a truly elite group of speakers as well as delegates from diversified backgrounds and representing more than 160 countries. Given the global financial and economic turmoil that has gripped the world since the end of 2008, such a forum is more needed than ever to try to make sense of the tremendous volatility the global economy is currently experiencing as well as to begin to draw initial lessons and consequences. As such, the 2010 JEF will have as its overarching theme “The Global Economy 2020” in order to take a forward looking approach to identify key economic and social trends that are likely to emerge out of the present instability. This is an opportune moment to take a step back and reflect in order to identify trends that will undoubtedly affect us all. The JEF is the appropriate venue for such a discussion given the emphasis on interaction between delegates and speakers and the open and frank debate that has characterized past meetings. As such, I invite you to take part in the 10th JEF and look forward to welcoming you to Jeddah in February 2010. Mohammed Abdualqader Alfadl Chairman, JCCI

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