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National Workshop on “Commercial Law as a Tool to Promote Economic Development in Yemen"( 25 January 2009)

In the context of the MENA Commercial Law Strengthening (CLS) Project, the Arab Center for the Rule of Law and Integrity (ACRLI) organized with the support and partnership of MEPI, a national workshop to “discuss the national assessment report on the state of commercial laws” in Yemen on 25th of January 2009. The workshop was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Justice and was opened by the statements of H.E. the Minister of Justice Mr. Shaef Al Aghbari as well as ACRLI’s representative and concluded by H.E. the President of the Judicial and Constitutional Committee in the State Council and the CLS national author and former Minister of Justice Mr. Ismail Al Wazir.

The workshop comes as a part of a series of workshops and events that will be held in the context of the MENA-CLS Project to discuss commercial law issues and constitutes the first station in this regional project which seeks to strengthen the legal business environment by focusing on the development of knowledge, capacity-building and awareness raising among stakeholders, in addition to strengthening communication and dialogue between policy makers and key stakeholders in the private sector in order to modernize the laws and enhance their compatibility with the requirements of economic development.

Read more about the MENA CLS Project here.

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