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Encyclopedia of Arab Legislations and Regulations
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Introduction to ACRLI


The Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity ACRLI is an Arab regional, non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 2003 by a group of judges, specialists, lawyers and academics from Lebanon and other Arab countries.

The Center was established to participate with other similar organizations aiming to develop and reinforce the rule of law and integrity and good governance in the Arab countries, based on the respect of civil and human rights and sound democratic practices. The Beirut headquarters works in collaboration with its branches and affiliates in the Arab Countries, as well as with other regional and international organizations, some of which are: the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Programme on Governance in the Arab Region (POGAR), the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES), Ford foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF), Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and various NGOs in the Arab world.

The center has also signed a partnership agreement with Research and Study Firm in Informatics and Law (MADAMEK) , which specializes in legal technology, to develop legal databases and management systems.

ACRLIís highly qualified team is specialized in research and project management, cross-cultural studies and analysis, information technology and build databases as well as ensuring the delivery of good quality services.

The statute of the Arab Center for the Rule of Law stipulated a supervising committee composed of Arab and international personalities, well-known for their deeds and commitment to develop the rule of law and integrity, as well as representatives of local, regional and international organizations.

This committee is entitled to review the Centerís activities, produce a regional annual report that will constitute the basis and provide the guidelines for the Centerís future activities and highlight the Centerís achievements in the development of the rule of law in the Arab world.


The Arab center for the development of the rule of law and integrity relies on the awareness of its founders, partners and members of the key role of the rule of law and the fundamentals of justice, to serve the social and economic development of Arab societies, and to serve the structure of good governance, based on respect of human rights and dignity, with the support of sound democratic practice according to the principles of sharing, accountability and transparency.

In line with its mission statement and philosophy, the centerís objectives and activities are:

  • Promoting good governance in the Arab World by becoming a regional observatory center for the rule of law and integrity and a focal point in the Arab NGO network that promotes good governance.

  • Focusing on Building the foundations of good governance in the Arab World and Promoting integrity for the purpose of fighting corruption through disseminating knowledge in the various fields of the rule of law and Building capacity and advocacy for governance reforms.

  • Performing training that serves the rule of law, justice, social and economic development and provide opportunities for the exchange of expertise and experience.

  • Holding conferences, workshops and seminars within the scope of its specialization.

  • Carrying out projects and studies related to the rule of law and within the scope of its knowledge.

  • Building legal databases.

  • Spreading on its website, intellectual work related to its field of interest to make knowledge accessible to the public.

ACRLI Branches:

Within the scope of promoting the rule of law and settling the fundamentals of justice in the Arab community, The Arab Center for the development of the Rule of Law and Integrity works on extending its activities to Arab countries, through opening branches in Arab countries, communication with development activists, and through its carrying on of activities and projects concerning situations related to development, legal, judicial and media promotion and freedoms across the Arab World from the Middle East to North Africa, in addition to its professional cooperative relationships with foreign institutions having similar activities;

Accordingly ACRLI has established a branch in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan- Amman on year 2005, which is directly attached to the main center and implement the same principles and rules adopted at the main center.

Additionally, ACRLI has issued licenses for founding independent branches in each of these Arab countries: Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Palestine and Morocco following the same goals and objectives for which the main center has been established.

ACRLI Brochure:

  ACRLI Brochure

ACRLI Regulations:


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