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ACRLI’s speech in the occasion of the International Human Rights Day- December 2015

Humanity has witnessed throughout ancient and modern history, movements and revolutions that were sparked by feelings of dignity and freedom from humiliation, which were extended and developed across time in various forms, especially after the wars of the first half of the twentieth century, to be evolved in an integrated system which was internationally adopted “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. Ever since, the Universal charter of Human Rights has been amended and updated in light of the countries and nations’ needs and witnessed also the araising of new human rights related to the environment, nature and sustainablity of the human race and other rights that relate to various aspects of life and human rights. Human rights and fundamental freedoms are not merely privileges given to human beings but also leverage and basis of civil peace, social cohesion and sustainable development; and consitute the basic pillars of the rule of law and good governance principles. On this occasion, The Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity (ACRLI) praises the increasing efforts to overcome challenges to protecting and guaranteeing the full enjoyment of human rights; To this end, The Arab Center has developed an advanced database including the international conventions, publications and cases related to humna rights, and developed also a comprehensive list of human rights including 52 rights and freedoms, which is subject to a continuous updating.