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Report on Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Lebanon 2017 – Legal Problems in Daily Life
On the 1st of December on 2017, and with cooperation from the Arab Centre for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity (ACRLI) and support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hiil - Innovating Justice launched the ‘Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Lebanon 2017 – Legal Problems in Daily Life’ report.
The launching of the report occurred in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Justice Dr. Salim Jreissati represented by Attorney Edgard Abawatt, President of the Beirut Bar association Mr. Andre Al Chidiac represented by Me. George Fia’ani, General Director of The Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity (ACRLI) Mr. Elie Chalhoub and Mr. Roger Khoury.
The report ‘Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Lebanon’ is based on a poll that was conducted by the company ‘Statistics Lebanon’ with approximately 6000 Lebanese citizens and a sample of 1200 Syrian refugees. It was also based on more than 30 in-depth interviews carried out by The Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity (ACRLI) with users of justice to complement the quantitative data with the human stories that normally stay hidden behind the numbers. The purpose of the report is to discover how people seek legal information and advice, and what steps, if any, they take to resolve their legal disputes and it illustrates how the users of justice in Lebanon evaluate the formal and informal processes for resolving legal problems.
The report shows that 68% of adult population in Lebanon has experienced one or more legal problems in the previous four years. This means that more than 3 million people have encountered a situation that requires the protection of the law and access to solutions in an affordable and fair manner. Neighbour conflicts (630.000), employment (580.000) and family disputes (370.000) are the most common and serious legal problems in Lebanon. These problems affect the most basic human needs, such as relationships, income, and shelter. They are common problems with a high impact on livelihoods.
The data shows that people seek legal information and advice from institutions at the local, community level. Many people directly turn to their social network (47%), such as their friends and relatives, while seeking legal information and advice from institutional sources (32%) is less popular. However, the police and local public authorities, such as the mayor or public servants from the municipality, are considered to be the most helpful sources of information and advice by many. Conflicts are usually resolved either through individual self-action (35%) or through institutional involvement (29%). In addition, it appears that people prefer going to the police (9%) or local public authorities (8%) rather than lawyers (6%) or courts (3%). Despite these numbers, most people consider that recourse to a form of individual self-action is most useful.


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