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National Legal Information Network

Within the principle of access to legal information, ACRLI developed in partnership with Madamek (Computer, law studies and Research office) an advanced electronic legal network "National Legal Information Network (NLIN)".

The concept of this network was elaborated by Dr. Wassim Harb, the specialist at Legal information technology, aiming at organizing the publication and dissemination of legal information (laws, by-laws, decrees, decisions, circulars, courts judgments and advisory opinions, etc.) issued by the various national public authorities, whether are published or unpublished in the Official periodicals. NLIN forms an add-on e-government solution which is based on an intelligent and advanced automated program designed for an automated publication of legal information. 

The legal information network consists of developing a legal e-government networking adds-on solution that gathers all the- currently scattered- legal data of the various governmental bodies such as legal texts, court judgments and advisory opinions issued by public institutions into one source channeled to the Ministry of Justice, planning to be an open legal source accessible online by users (Legislators, Judges, Lawyers, Legal professors, etc.).

In addition, this advanced automated program allows the archived legal information to be automatically selected, updated, and linked; so users’ access will not be limited to the legal text itself, but also to all the other legal texts related in terms of updating or referral, or in terms of applicability by judicial decisions or advisory opinions and any other regulatory text.

This new concept has been promoted and presented to several countries, among them:

  • La Haye- Through The Hague Institute for the Internationalization of Law (Hiil)
  • Tunisia- Through the World Justice Project
  • Iraq- Through the UNDP IRAQ
  • Kurdistan Region- Through the Ministry of Justice